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At Klickhere we work with you to deliver a corporate image that will enhance your business or organisation including logo design, branding and ensuring that all of your marketing collateral is complementary and reinforcing your branding. Our experienced design team is extremely versatile with the ability to create design styles ranging from contemporary to classical, for small business to corporate. We pride ourselves on designing unique and functional imagery that can be used on web sites and print media that achieve their purpose.

The colours, themes and design elements we use on your website ensure that you have a unique look and feel that will showcase your products and services and enhance customer’s perception of your organisation. Your website may be the first image a potential client sees of your company. Klickhere work with you to ensure the design of your website represents your company in the best possible way.

Costa Blanca Graphic Design

Logo Design

An attractive and memorable logo is essential to enhancing your brand and portraying your corporate image. We work with you to produce a logo that fulfils your company’s objectives in its marketplace.

A well designed and memorable logo sends a message to your clients that will often differentiate you from your competitors. A good logo will help clients recognise your brand and the quality it represents.

Branding Colour & Tones

The colour and tone of your online image is important to attract potential clients. Our trained and qualified design team has extensive experience in creating a colour scheme for your brand that is suitable to your market and is attractive to your potential clients.

Colours can be very emotive and different colours can be used to attract customers from your targeted demographic.

Products & Service Imagery

Pictures speak a thousand words. Getting the right imagery is paramount to marketing online. Choosing the correct images for your website is a way to grab attention or to reflect the quality of your products & services. Most people will instinctively click on an image that is attractive to them, either a good looking model or a product that they are searching for.

Klickhere have access to an extensive library of photographs and illustrations that really can make a difference to your website.

Advertising Artwork

We produce eye-catching posters, programmes and brochures to ensure that your customers and clients remember you for the quality of your marketing.

A poster from Klickhere will include custom text that is unique to your event and a striking design to give all the information you need to advertise in a way that grabs attention and encourages people read it.

A Sample Of Our Graphic Design

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