Database Programming

Online Databases To Help Your Business

Online databases are useful for organisations that have people working in different locations and, therefore, can not access a local network. This can include sales reps who are on the road but may need to access up-to-date information, organisations that have people working from home, and charity or social groups that do not have a permanent office.

Databases can be used to keep track of clients, memberships, stock, projects, sports teams and scores, almost anything you can think of. Klickhere can provide you with a database tailor-made for your business or organisation.

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Please Contact Us for a quote to design a database tailor-made to your needs.

Some examples of our Custom-made Databases

Client Database

Client Database

This client needed to be able to track their client's projects when not in the office. It also provides access for the client's staff to access the same information live without needing to wait for it to be input into an office based database.

Membership Database

Membership Database

The membership secretary used to use a spreadsheet to keep records of a large social club organisation. However, several others members of the committee also needed this information, so we created an online database that runs on the same server as their existing website.

The database has multiple user levels, so the membership secretary has full access and can change any information, other users can update information but not delete it, and a third tier of user can view the database but not make any changes to it.

It also includes import and export functions to tie in with their Mailchimp e-mailing list.

Product Database

Tracks Database

This client sells and rents music backing tracks to various groups. The database needed to keep a record of all the music tracks the client has, how much each is sold or rented at, and who to

The system also keep a running total for each group and how much money is outstanding for each group and for which tracks. There is also a running overall total.

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